Barely a week goes by that some company does not announce come form of ‘wearable’ tech that is going to enhance your life and make you a better all around person. This week it was the turn of the tech giant, Microsoft. The tech stalwart announced its latest hardware gizmo know as Microsoft ‘Band’. That’s what I thought, how original?

Below is the promotional video that cam along with the both a Mac App and Android version in the Google Play Store. Having watched the video of beautiful people going about their daily lives and interacting with their very own Microsoft Band, frankly it just seems more of the same! Have a look for yourself and tell me that Microsoft are not, once again, somewhat late to the party. Also read the release article / blog on the Microsoft website here.

I hope it stays fine for them and that the band does not go the same way as the Nike FuelBand which, although still available, has been a bit of a disaster for Nike. It just seems that wearable tech has a long way to go.

Makes me wonder how Google Glass, when it becomes available to the common man and the beta testing by the elite number of users is over, will perform. You would have to ask yourself that if a sporting/fitness powerhouse like Nike fail is its venture, can the behemoths that are Google and Microsoft crack the market with wearable tech. We will have to wait and see I guess.

I won’t even get into the Apple watch as it is the ‘new kid on the block’ as well and that is probably a whole other post. Suffice to say batteries in all these devices is still the achilles heel that needs to be overcome but, as they say, thats another story…

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