Social Media

So you have heard about this thing called “Social Media” but you are still unsure how it can benefit your business? Put simply, if you are a business providing a product or service to consumer/clients, thats were they are now. So many variables can affect whether your business succeeds or fails. Having a savvy marketing plan, however, can give you a decisive edge and social media is an easy and affordable option if you do it right. Talk to us about Social Media and let us help you decide what are the best platform to use and how best to get the most from them. Also check out the blog were we will be posting helpful articles to get you started.

Social Media is the latest buzz. It is the darling of Silicon Valley and businesses that design and launch new platforms are selling for millions if not billions! You have heard of them; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc but how can they become an intricate part of your business and marketing plan. How can they bring people to your website? How can they help you get to number One on Google? All good questions and we are here to help because that’s were we come in!

At Striking Images we have developed and implemented critical social media marketing, creative and technical solutions for small businesses. By choosing to put our system in place, business owners can generate brand awareness, increase traffic and sales, and develop customer loyalty.

We specialize in 

  • Strategic Social Media Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media copywriting, posting and engagement
  • Building Fans/Followers
  • Social Media Contests (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest)
  • Twitter Advertising (Promoted Tweets, Trends, Accounts)
  • Google AdWords
  • YouTube Insights
  • Facebook Insights

We work hard to pin point your needs and customize our social media and analytics to suit your company, service or group. Please contact us for a quote and start today what others think about tomorrow.

  • Use Facebook to engage with customers
  • Use Instagram to Show Your Latest Product
  • Use YouTube to show consumers your knowledge
  • Use Vine to make a 6 second commercial
  • Use LinkedIn to find staff and suppliers
  • Use Pinterest as an online catalogue and instruction manual
  • Use Google+ to improve your website with Google
  • Use Twitter for instant customer service response
  • Use Snapchat to send coupons to customers

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