I am a member of a a number of groups on many social media platforms. Perhaps too many, but I am. Some are large and too difficult to follow but some are smaller and have fantastic insights and opportunities to learn.

I also have a presence on most social media platforms with both a personal persona and a business pages.

This is the ‘rub’! I have a business page on, the Daddy of them all, Facebook. I am part of many groups on Facebook too. Most of these are business and some in particular irk me. Why?

I suppose it is┬áthe constant and unending Facebook ‘begging bowl’ that most businesses seem to have out in front of their Facebook business page with a dirty digital sign that says “Please like my page” or “97 likes (Yay!) help me get to 100”.

It’s all fine and well, but the question I pose is; to what end? Why do you want these “Likes”? Can you pay bills with them? I’m pretty sure not! Can they help provide for your family? The answer is ‘No”! Will everyone who likes your page see how wonderful you and your business are? Actually NO! Is it a ringing endorsement? Eh, no! In fact most of those “non-organic” will probably never visit your page ever.

Since Facebook became a publicly quoted company and now seeks to placate its shareholders with a return on their investment, the company now wants you to, well, spend with them! The hard truth is that unless you are paying for a post (through boosting) or you have taken out a Facebook advert, only about 2% of your Facebook ‘fans’ actually see your post.

So lets work those numbers….

You have have worked hard on your digital marketing strategy and you have accumulated 5000 fans on Facebook. You publish a post that reached at most 500 of them. More than likely only 100 will see it. Whilst that does indeed mean you reached between 2% and 10% of your fans, it misses a very important point.

Somewhere between 90% and 98% of your fans never saw that post at all and never will. The free model of Facebook is over and now they want your money. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about Facebook and how much of your digital marketing time is spent there. Could you spend your time more productively? Could you be more creative?

I am a proponent of blogging! No secret there. Let your blog be “Rome” and have all digital “roads” lead to it (or from it really).

Do a post showing you are an authority in what you do or share something of interest. Post that content/article onto your website and then share it out on all your social media platforms. Let your social media bring visitors back to your own site. Google will love you for it.

And stop asking for pointless likes! They won’t pay the bills!

Cormac O’Kelly

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