It is 3 years and a day since the visionary founder of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away.

What better way to mark the great man and his untimely death at the age of 56, than to show you a talk he gave to the management at Apple upon his return to steer the company in 1996.

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak in 1976. He created the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes and OS X.

While there are lots of great videos featuring Jobs, this one is more intimate. It features Jobs, less than three months after his 1997 return to the Apple Inc., talking at an internal meeting about his vision for taking the company forward. This talk occurs about 10 weeks after Jobs got back into the ‘driving seat’ at Apple. The quality of the video is not great but it is, relatively speaking, one of the rarer videos of the man. Addressing the crowd wearing shorts and in a relaxed manner, Jobs does what he does best – shows his passion for Apple and its products.

In the video, he describes his desire to take Apple back to its roots, and explains the idea behind the “Think Different”  ad campaign that would become iconic. He talks about the simplicity of good product lines and the desire for Apple to be more than “just” a specs-oriented technology brand. These are the things that are still at the core of all that Apple do today.

It really shows the other thing that Steve Jobs did best. Speaking! If you have your own business, I think there are lessons to be learned here. Question what your small business is about. What is it that your business stands for? It’s not about selling products. What do people say and think when they talk or think about your business. He cites examples of Nike and how they sell a commodity item – shoes! Yet when people think of Nike they think about performance and being the best in their athletic endeavors.

I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs, hence the post. But if you have not seen him speak before, make a point of watching some, if not all, of his Keynote addresses to the Apple faithful over the years when the company was launching products. For now, grab a coffee and take about fifteen minutes to see how a truly great marketer passes on his message.


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