Product Photography

Gift Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Presentation Boxes, Jewellery Boxes,

In Fact Any Kind Of Box At All!

isual aids inevitably sell products, both online and offline, so it is important to have a library of  images of the products you sell.

At Striking Images, we deliver an outstanding service on product photography so whether you have a shoebox, a telephone box, a jewellery box or a letterbox we can help. If your product is contained in a branded box, put a picture of it online for the world wide web to see.

We provide you with professional product shots all shot in studio by professional photographers. with the correct lighting and the eye of a professional on it, your product will look spectacular. The product shots are provided with a licence for you to use them in anyway you choose. If you want to sell online or include the image in an advert the file will be provided in the format necessary.

If you are a small supplier to the retail trade or involved with multiples and the FMCG trade, you will have come across planograms and visual representation of your stock. We can do that for you too.

Additional options are to have you logo, product details, barcodes or company information included in the image file detail or directly on the image for scanning or ordering.

Call us today to find out how we can make you, your company and the products you sell standout from the crowd. 



A visual representation of your image online is vital. People like to see things if they cannot touch them. They like to know what they are purchasing. Rarely does a product come without packaging of some description. Inevitably that packaging is a box. Regardless of what type of box it is, it is important that it looks good in whatever medium you choose to show it in.

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