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If It Has Liquid In It, Let Us Shoot It!

Bottle or glass photography is difficult to do well and more importantly, do correctly! Here at Striking Images we use experts in the field of product photography. Those experts use top quality equipment in both production and post production of the images.

Pictures of bottles, or glass in general, is difficult primarily because of the reflective nature of glass and also the opacity. The bottle will reflect everything that is in front and adjacent to it at about 180 degrees. What will show up the most is your light source. Studio light is probably not the most appealing detail in your photograph. One of the solutions to make your light source more appealing is to suspend a roll of diffusion in front of the light which will create long vertical reflections to emphasize the shape of the bottle.

The typical bottle shot is taken against a white background with diffused light illuminating the subject i.e. the bottle(s). There are alternatives to this and we are always looking for the opportunity to do things differently and give the client a new approach. We shoot bottles instore, in studio, in restaurants and even in the open for the supermarkets when they are trying to highlight summer products. Sometimes we even bring the summer indoors when the weather is not playing ball!

Tesco BBQ Products 2008,B&G




As mentioned earlier, bottles, containers and glass are difficult to photograph. A unique approach is required. An approach that Striking Images brings to all your product bottles. Files produced in various sizes and formats for the you to use in the widest way possible. Once again it is necessary to photograph commercial items like bottles in a very controlled environment due to the reflective nature of glass.

Using specialist lighting in a controlled environment, we can have the bottles static, pouring the contents into a glass or whatever the brief requires.

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