The Unbearable Obsession with ‘Likes’

The Unbearable Obsession with ‘Likes’

I am a member of a a number of groups on many social media platforms. Perhaps too many, but I am. Some are large and too difficult to follow but some are smaller and have fantastic insights and opportunities to learn.

I also have a presence on most social media platforms with both a personal persona and a business pages.

This is the ‘rub’! I have a business page on, the Daddy of them all, Facebook. I am part of many groups on Facebook too. Most of these are business and some in particular irk me. Why?

I suppose it is the constant and unending Facebook ‘begging bowl’ that most businesses seem to have out in front of their Facebook business page with a dirty digital sign that says “Please like my page” or “97 likes (Yay!) help me get to 100”.

It’s all fine and well, but the question I pose is; to what end? Why do you want these “Likes”? Can you pay bills with them? I’m pretty sure not! Can they help provide for your family? The answer is ‘No”! Will everyone who likes your page see how wonderful you and your business are? Actually NO! Is it a ringing endorsement? Eh, no! In fact most of those “non-organic” will probably never visit your page ever.

Since Facebook became a publicly quoted company and now seeks to placate its shareholders with a return on their investment, the company now wants you to, well, spend with them! The hard truth is that unless you are paying for a post (through boosting) or you have taken out a Facebook advert, only about 2% of your Facebook ‘fans’ actually see your post.

So lets work those numbers….

You have have worked hard on your digital marketing strategy and you have accumulated 5000 fans on Facebook. You publish a post that reached at most 500 of them. More than likely only 100 will see it. Whilst that does indeed mean you reached between 2% and 10% of your fans, it misses a very important point.

Somewhere between 90% and 98% of your fans never saw that post at all and never will. The free model of Facebook is over and now they want your money. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about Facebook and how much of your digital marketing time is spent there. Could you spend your time more productively? Could you be more creative?

I am a proponent of blogging! No secret there. Let your blog be “Rome” and have all digital “roads” lead to it (or from it really).

Do a post showing you are an authority in what you do or share something of interest. Post that content/article onto your website and then share it out on all your social media platforms. Let your social media bring visitors back to your own site. Google will love you for it.

And stop asking for pointless likes! They won’t pay the bills!

Cormac O’Kelly

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Working Virtually. Working Digitally.Working Smartly

Working Virtually. Working Digitally.Working Smartly


Put your office in your

The concept of working from a beach bar in the Caribbean or whilst sipping coffee on Piazza San Marco in Venice is perhaps a pipe dream for most. For some though it is entirely possible. With the help of a laptop and some smart advances in technology and in Apps and cloud technology, it is possible to run an office without actually having an office.

You can save on rent and rates by having a virtual office that will answer your phone and forward snail mail, all for a fraction of the cost of having a ‘real’ office. You can have establish a presence in almost any country in the world through Skype. All you need to do is buy a ‘landline’ for that country and then, using Skype, you can forward that number to your mobile phone.

Collaborate with colleagues on documents in real time using Google Docs. Store all your digital files; invoices, statements, stationary or whatever you want with Google Docs or with Dropbox. Download the App (Dropbox & Google Docs) and those documents are accessible on any device you wish.

If you are a professional who works with online clients, learning to handle those clients from a remote location isn’t really all that hard, and once you get past that – you truly can work from anywhere you like. In many ways, you’ll be challenged by your environment and surroundings, which is why having an open mind about everything is the way to go. You can’t expect things to roll the same way for too long, so be prepared to adjust to whatever the remote location is demanding from you.

The last thing that you will need is the ability to stay sane when situations start becoming stories that you would tell over a drink in some bar somewhere. You should always give yourself enough time every day to: reflect, observe, and analyse your progress.

When away from your usual environment, should not mean that you cannot perform the same tasks as you would back home. Take it in your hands, you won’t regret it.

The only thing missing from this list is the work itself. What is the project that you’re working on and would you like to take to a remote location for a while? If you can, you will need to gather together the necessary checklist to take with you. As long as you can cover these basic requirements – you will be able to do just as much work from a hammock, as you would from your desk. You really don’t need the four walls of an office and a forty hour week to get your work done. I suppose the question you need to ask yourself is whether you are busy or whether you’re productive.



When Facebook and Twitter are your digital  landlords…

When Facebook and Twitter are your digital landlords…

So you have your Facebook page with 10,000 fans and the rest of the digital world is following you on Twitter.

In digital marketing terms, you have arrived along with your small business. But then your digital landlord bangs on your door and says you have to pay. Why? You have to pay because you have built your digital world on digital land belonging to somebody else. Facebook and Twitter own the place that you have made your digital presence and were you engage with most of you clients. Except now, Facebook have increased the rent from free to pay! 

Leading US research firm Forrester have published a new report recently showing that “your Facebook posts get delivered 2% of the time” unless you are paying for it. Another startling fact in the research states that  “A study conducted by the firm from earlier this year found that posts from top brands on Twitter and Facebook reach just 2% of their followers. Engagement is even more measly: A mere 0.07% of followers actually interact with those posts.”

“Stop making Facebook the center of your relationship marketing efforts,” writes Nate Elliott, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester

Facebook has been in the process of shutting down its free-traffic since January, to facilitate its new stated strategy of its promoted content push. Unless you are paying for posts you are out! This pretty much puts anyone who relies on Facebook for reach in a very difficult position.

“Flush with cash and a high stock price, Facebook recently shocked investors by saying that it planned to spend billions of dollars on projects that might never generate any profits.

And on Friday, the company told marketers that if they wanted to reach customers on Facebook, they needed to buy an ad.”

– New York Times

The change to the news feed is the latest blow to businesses that try to reach customers through their Facebook pages. So many posts, videos and images are being published on Facebook that the average user has about 1,500 new items they could see when they log on. Some people have as many as 15,000.

So if your brand is looking for engagement on social media you’re probably better off turning your attention away from giant networks like Twitter and Facebook. This is especially true if you’re trying to engage fans on Twitter. 

So were do you go. Where do you point the social media marketing arsenal? It looks like branded communities are going to be the next big thing in 2015. Check out Sony’s “Greatness Awaits” as a good reference point to start you off. As Forrester suggests, if fans are looking for you, they will find you….

Finally there is always the old reliable (but perhaps not the sexiest) email database of clients, fans, friends. If I were to choose between an additional email subscriber or another Facebook fan to my page, I would go for the email subscriber every day of the week and twice on Sunday! Why? Because believe it or not, email still works despite what you hear and you can write what ever you like in an email without the worry of a social network shutting you down. 

The reason for this post is one primarily of selfishness. Please stop telling me you “have 297 fans and could you please like my page to get me over the 300” – It’s pointless in the general scheme of things and “Likes’ won’t pay your utility bills, sales do!

Happy New Year!

Top Google Searches for 2014

Top Google Searches for 2014

Wondering what people around the world searched for most in 2014 on Google?

Well here you go, compiled and released by Google every year the list is the various words searched for by people on the Search Engine giant.

Global Trending Searches:

Robin Williams
World Cup
Malaysia Airlines
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Flappy Bird
Conchita Wurst
Sochi Olympics